This project would not be possible without the generous time and effort of all its participants. THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who have agreed to be part of THIS IS MY SIGN. You guys are amazing. 

I’d also like to thank some people specifically who have helped me in some way to make this project a reality – a growing list!

Thank you Beth Taylor for your thoughts, support and impromptu photography refreshers! In a world filled with overwhelming technical blather and naysaying, you are an oasis.

Thank you Rebecca Williams and Rowan Stenhouse for your patience and worldly advice on all things web-related. I can not express how grateful I am to have people like you both not look at me suspiciously when I ask questions about responsive themes, SEO and site back-up.

Thank you Margaret Wieringa for your generous support while I was in Melbourne, driving me everywhere and introducing me to so many of your wonderful friends who shared their signs. You are the best ‘Executive Assistant’ I could ever wish for. Please move to Sydney.

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