Alexandra, 28

How would you describe yourself?

‘That’s a deeper question than I thought you were about to ask me. (laughs) Uh, I’d describe myself as… a quiet person. (laughs) Can we come back to that one? I’ll think of something that’s not, uh, really self-deprecating and, embarrassed. Um, aw I think of myself as funny, and accomodating. And like I… I don’t know. I’m like a bit of a funny jerk. Salty! I’m uh, um, I’m on the nice side of salty. Um in a very caring way. Very protective. Maybe like a golden retriever, like a very loyal, (laughs) golden retriever. Or a cocker spaniel, cocker spaniel’s better. Um yeah if I, I would say that I am as loyal as a dog and as salty as – anchovies. (laughs) Fetta would’ve been better.’

Why did you choose this message for your sign?

‘Um. So I think that we see a lot of bad things that happen in the world. And it’s really easy to get caught up and think, aw the world’s turned to shit and that there is no good out there anymore. But from running a very small local cafe where you meet the same people everyday, um you know that that’s just kind of bullshit and it’s bigger picture stuff, but what matters is the people that you see everyday or, um your neighbours because I know a lot of people who’ve become friends or become really good support networks for each other just from meeting in a neighbourly way. Like at the cafe or, you know they just see each other around and they all relate to each other and they all live similar lives. We’re all in the same demographic here, and I think that helps keep you grounded and remember that there are, that most people are good. Um and there are shit people out there and they seem to make the loudest noise but it’s not what we live by everyday. So yeah. That’s my, that’s my sign.’

Thank you.

‘Also sometimes your neighbours are hot, and you want to make out with them but they’re just neighbours and you can’t. But sometimes they are.’


Alexandra was photographed in Northcote, Victoria – October 2017.

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