Christabel, 24

How would you describe yourself?

‘Uh, I would describe myself as a person who’s very passionate about what they want, and what they believe in. Um, sometimes possibly too passionate (laughs).’

Why did you choose this message for your sign?

‘Um. I think it’s like, it’s something I just, that I just kind of made up for myself, but I… I really do believe that it’s something that you have to live your life by, not in a naive way, or in a way like that you’re in denial about what can really happen or what should happen but just that you always have to be, your own, biggest supporter and once you start kind of like, believing that, things are not going to happen for you or that maybe things are like it’s a sign that you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is that you’re doing, that you kind of unlock, unlock the door to, bad performance and to kind of inviting, um, negative consequences into your life basically. Yep. I believe that you, that you, that you invite that stuff in. By not believing in yourself. ‘

Christabel was photographed in Nunawading, VIC – September 2017.

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