Gabrielle, 34

How would you describe yourself?

‘I would describe myself as someone who is very nurturing, caring of others. I always try to treat others like how I would like to be treated, I think that’s a very important, um, thing. Uh, I think I, yeah, can be kind and loving, um, a little bit stubborn at times (laughs), bit moody being a Cancerian (laughs), you know I’ve got the moods that change with the moon and things like that. Um. But yeah, I think I can be very loyal and friendly as well.’

Why did you choose this message for your sign?

‘I chose this message because, uh, well first of all, I recently read, uh, Alain de Botton’s book ‘The Course of Love’ and it really resonated with me, and like I previously said about how I try and treat others, you know, how I would like to be treated. I think the message is very simple, and that is to, um, approach every situation uh, and every person that you meet with kindness, and with love. Because, everyone’s fighting their own battles. You don’t know what other people, um you know, are experiencing and going through, and, therefore we can’t judge others, you know, on face value. And so I think, you know, as human beings we need to just be loving in everything that we do, in all of our words, in all of our actions. Simple.’


Gabrielle was photographed in Enmore Park NSW, Australia – June 2016.

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