Sharnika, 23

How would you describe yourself?

‘Mm, I don’t know, should’ve listened to the questions. Um.’

Do you want to have a think about it?

‘No. I think I’m… I don’t know… I don’t even know the last time I had to describe myself. Um… (laughs).’

Well, let me start with the next one. Why did you choose this message for your sign?

‘Uh, ‘cause I feel like I’m a controlling person so I like to control what others do a lot of the time and I find myself wishing that people didn’t do a lot of things they did, or, yeah. So I work in customer service so a lot of the time I think to myself, ‘ugh, why do they have to do that? I wish they just didn’t.’ So I think that’s the message I would like to send to people, just don’t do whatever it is that you’re doing. (laughs)’

And how would you describe yourself?



Sharnika lives in Dandenong VIC, and was photographed as part of The Escapees Theatre Company in Hallam VIC, Australia – September 2015.

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