Nathaniel, 22

How would you describe yourself?

‘Um. I would describe myself… as, as many things. Um. Like, I’m a son, I’m a brother, I’m a friend. Um, but mostly, like, mostly I’m a musician. Um, I play drums, uh I do sound engineering. And um, I’ve always been in love with music and performance. And um, I would, yeah I’d say that’s like the biggest part of me, I’ve always loved performing and, and every aspect of it.’

Why did you choose this message for your sign?

‘Well, one thing that I’ve learnt with live performance, is that this, that anything that can go wrong, will definitely go wrong. There’s, yeah, I’ve, just, so many things. So many unexpected things always happen and um, it’s always to be, in a mindset where you are prepared for things to go wrong because, it’s, you’re less likely to panic and you’re, it’s a lot easier to keep a level head to deal with certain situations. And um, even even in life, just in general. Things, things go wrong all the time, and in very unexpected ways. And uh, it’s, you can’t you can’t prepare for everything but for what you can prepare for, yeah, that’s, best prepare.’


Nathaniel lives in Endeavour Hills VIC, and was photographed as part of The Escapees Theatre Company in Hallam VIC, Australia – September 2015.

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