Lachlan, 19

How would you describe yourself?

‘Um. Um, I guess I’m a little bit introverted like, I have, I have a passion for things but I’m just more, like closed in with it like. Like um, around other people I’ll just be a bit dull I suppose but in my own, in my own room, in my own world and stuff, I’m, can be very passionate and caring about things that I love like, just, you know like movies, games, books and stuff.’

Why did you choose this message for your sign?

‘Well, it’s um, it’s a quote by a philosopher who’s name I can never, ever pronounce. Every time someone tells me I keep forgetting but he’s the same guy who came up with the God is dead theory, we killed him. But, that should be a hint for you if you want to google him but, um. Yeah um, like I’m a, I don’t play music but if there was an award for listening to music, I’d probably win it ‘cause, I mean I just love listening to music, I have so many different tastes like. I just have, there are so many bands living and dead that I’m just a massive fan of and I fell like it’s as if music might just be the greatest gift ever. And, like, to live in a world without it is just, suicidally boring. ‘


(Commonly translated from the original German text as “Without music, life would be a mistake”, this quote is taken from the book ‘Twilight of the Idols’ by philosopher and cultural critic Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) – wh) 

Lachlan lives in Narre Warren VIC, and was photographed as past of The Escapees Theatre Company in Hallam VIC, Australia – September 2015.

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