‘Foxtel’, 26

How would you describe yourself?

‘I would describe myself as, uh very loud, volume-wise. Uh, authentic. Um, energetic and friendship based.’

Why did you choose this message for your sign?

‘I choosed this message because I feel like a lot a change in the world needs to begin with ourselves, we need to look inside ourselves, see what we don’t like and then start with that otherwise we sort of become, really big hypocrites or we… It’s really easy to become really bitter at the world, why can’t the world be like this? Why can’t the world do that? Why don’t you start with you and then, maybe people can follow and you can lead by example rather than just yelling at people and, just being angry and bitter all the time.’


Crystal a.k.a. ‘Foxtel’ currently lives in Cranbourne VIC, and was photographed as part of The Escapees Theatre Company in Hallam VIC, Australia – September 2015.

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