Damien, 23

How would you describe yourself?

‘Uh, in what regard?’

In any regard you want.

‘Um… that’s a really good question. Um, probably just a fairly, fairly relaxed person, a lot of love to give. Uh. Been told I’m fairly smart, so I try and go with that. Um, but I find my interests are all over the board, I haven’t really got one major major passion. Uh. Don’t know that I can add anything else to that.’

Why did you choose this message for your sign?

‘Because it really resonates with my beliefs, that you know, you do… like everybody has, like today, all we have is because of people from the past. And we benefit from that. We also have to take the bad with the good, and we suffer from humanity’s mistakes as if they were our own.’


Damien currently lives in Pakenham VIC, and was photographed as part of The Escapees Theatre Company in Hallam VIC, Australia – September 2015.

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